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Title: Ciao a tutti
Post by: VET-IT-Giovanni on 12 June , 2019, 13:30:43 pm
Hi everyone,
I am Giovanni and I come from Italy. I have joined the last IYSC in Copenaghen and It has been a great experience.
I am here on this blog not to talk about myself but, to help you in creating your essays and to teach you how to cook pizza  oh  sorry to answer your questions.
Feel free to ask me whatever you want(also about pizza) I will do my best to help you. I suggest you  get lots of information about your subject, but to focus on only one topic  to create your paper.
Don't be shy and use this blog as much as you can because it can be really useful.
Here you can find some interesting links
have fun and have good work.
"Ciao a tutti"  is Italian and means hi everyone