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Title: Welcome to the Science and Technology Blog
Post by: VET-ES-Pablo on 23 June , 2019, 09:03:28 am
Hey everyone!

I am Pablo and I am a former IYSC participant, as you can see in my username (VET stands for veteran, and every former participant of the IYSC has this prefix in their username)

Let me introduce you this part of the IYSC forum. This is the Generic Blog about Science and Technology and every participant has access to it, regardless of the topic you are working on. That is the point, because here you can communicate with all the other participants. In this blog, you can share news about any scientific or technological topic and everyone will be able to see it. Maybe you can also share information about the other topics of the IYSC, or even start debates about recent scientific discoveries or achievements!

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities here, so I strongly recommend that you use it as much as you can. I assure you will have lots of fun! :D

Best regards,