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Title: Hi Guys!
Post by: VET-MEX-Diana on 03 July , 2019, 21:35:01 pm
 Hello everyone!!
My name is Diana Escobar Rodríguez, I am from Mexico, I participed in the last congress held in Copenhagen.
This year I will be a veteran, my function is to support you in the doubts that you have about the elaboration of your topic.
Feel confident to ask me what you need, I also give you tips or advices so you can meke your work better. ;)
I suggest you to use the blog, in this way you will interact with your teammates and help you to develop your project,look for information in relicible sources it will be more useful and easier.
This is a great opportunity since you will work with people from different parts of the world and who will become in your friends. 8)
Work hard, do not stress, have fun and remember that I am for what you want and need.
Good luck
( I hope to receive your messages soon).
Never Give Up!
Regards from Mexico
Diana. ;D