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Title: Socios.com
Post by: VET-ES-JoseJavier on 08 September , 2019, 00:13:59 am
Hi everyone,

I guess it is a shame that such an important section as the news one, where we can share articles and different novelties about Blockchain in order to get inspiration. I will take the first step to inaugurate this section.

Some days ago, the Spanish football club "Atlético de Madrid" appeared in some newspapers for signing an agreement with the website "Socios.com", which had already done it with other football clubs like Juventus or Paris Saint-Germain. In Socios.com, football fans are enabled to participate in polls and different activities, so that they can win "Fan Token" coins which they can later exchange for club games, experiences and games. While Clemente Villaverde, representing Atlético de Madrid, considers this a way of getting closer to club fans and staying technologically advanced, Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Socios.com, has seen as positive the fact that with this incorporation his platform reaches a billion users which can benefit from the use of cryptocurrency.

What do you think about this business? Will we see more in the future? Wasn't it necessary to use blockchain technology for it?

I am waiting for your opinion. Here you can see one of the many articles available: https://www.teleprensa.com/deportes/el-atletico-de-madrid-se-une-a-la-plataforma-de-blockchain-socioscom.html.html

José Javier (Veteran)
Title: Re: Socios.com
Post by: PART-5-ES-Manuel on 09 September , 2019, 11:42:53 am
Good morning José Javier,

The new you have posted in this section is very interesting and I think there are more objectives in this initiative than we think. As we already know, blockchain has increased its development during the last few years and we are quite far away of the true potential this revolutionary technology can provide. Blockchain shows many applications and there are lots of startups which are trying to bring to life amazing projects.

In my opinion, this new initiative developed by socios.com and which involves a kind of cryptocurrency is one of the applications which we will see in the future. When talking about the objectives of this program we can highlight two of them:

There are also other intentions when creating these projects, such as making the user's experience easier and more interactive by adding cryptocurrencies to the application. In this case, Blockchain's security is not the main property which the company is trying to achieve however this tech has many other interesting characteristics which can be useful when talking about this type of projects.
I definitely think this is a great idea and that there should be more initiatives like this one. The whole world should start applying Blockchain to their companies because although we sometimes think this isn't necessary, the only way to understand its potential is to start using it.

Do you agree? If you have a different opinion, I encourage everyone to answer this post and discuss it! :)

Best regards,
Manuel Cortés
Title: Re: Socios.com
Post by: PART-5-ES-David on 10 September , 2019, 16:55:14 pm
Hi everyone,

Before starting, let me recognize the importance of this section, as news indicates the uses that are currently being given to Blockchain Technology. Thanks to this, we can see at what level we are reaching, and even more important, all that we have left to do.

Having said this, I find very interesting the initiative that Atlético de Madrid has taken, because with the Socios.com platform they can meet their mans in a way that benefits both parts, fans can do surveys that give information to the clubs and also receive “Fan Totems” that can be redeemed for many prizes, from cryptocurrencies, merchandising, privates lotteries…

In addition, they also contribute to the development of Blockchain Technology, Socios.com is the first mobile application of blockchain technology for sports and entertainment fans. This also may serve as inspiration for other teams to start doing something similar. Another important thing is that thanks to this initiative, many companies will realize what Blockchain Technology is, something that is very important because, from my point of view, this technology is not as well-known as it should.

Finally, I would like to end this reply with some questions, so we can all think about them.
Was it really necessary to use Blockchain Technology for this?
Could we have used a simpler technology and obtained a similar result?

Kinds regards,
David Corral Pazos

I leave you here the link where you can download Socios.com so you can try it and have a more complete experience. This application will be available soon on Android and Apple. Also remember that this application has another section of eSports that may be more interesting for some of you. ;D

https://www.socios.com (https://www.socios.com)