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Title: Frankfurt Motor Show
Post by: PART-2-ES-Pablo on 11 September , 2019, 16:07:45 pm
Hello guys,

If you are enthusiasts of the automotive world you may know that during this week there is a huge event for the industry. I am talking about the Frankfurt Motor Show, the most important showcase for automakers along with the Genève Motor Show. This year´s edition is full of novelties, and as you might guess, it is also full of new electric vehicles that have just been presented. In fact, almost 50% of the vehicles showcased at this event are electric. Therefore, I wanted to share with you some of these new models.

In my opinion, the most important vehicles are the ones thought to be the top selling models, because they will be the ones that will be able make electric mobility reach the masses. This is why I wanted to begin with Volkswagen. The German giant has presented the ID.3, its first electric model with an entire platform dedicated to its manufacture. It is a compact hatchback that will be priced under 30,000 € and will get to the market in the spring of 2020.

Another car that is expected to follow the lead of the ID.3 and that will be priced at similar price point is the Mini Cooper SE. An excellent choice for people who are willing to use an electric vehicle in an urban environment.
On the other hand, if we take a look at the premium manufacturers, we can see that some progress has been made too. German automaker Mercedes-Benz has announced some new interesting models such as the Mercedes Benz EQV, a luxurious passenger van that will be the first electric van in this segment.

Finally, the legendary supercar automaker, Lamborghini, has presented the Sian. A sportscar that will feature an electric motor that will help the main V12 engine. This is Lamborghini´s first step towards electrification.

If you want to read something else about the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show I leave you some links below.




All the best,
Pablo García