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Hi everyone,
Last week, I met a friend and she asked me something about her asthma and nanotechnology.
And that was the start of my first topic in this forum!
This very short movie (only 5 minutes) explains the disease very clearly (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzfLDi-sL3w).
I searched for some experiments, and the one I will explain is, of course, the one I found the most interesting.
A team of researchers led by Stephen Miller searched for a solution to underlying causes of asthma: a chronic condition where the airways become inflamed and narrow, causing people with asthma to experience wheezing, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and coughing for periods of time.
Most treatments relieve the symptoms or try to build a tolerance over time. The team wanted to find a way to quickly develop a tolerance for the allergen that bypasses the immune system, thus avoiding adverse reactions.
The team’s works with proteins that are very similar to the allergens in nanoscale particles made of poly lactic-co-glycolic OR PLGA, a polymer often used in medical devices and for drug delivery. The PLGA-coating masks the allergen from the immune system. So the macrophages (white blood cells in the immune system that ingest foreign matter) take the particles without causing a reaction.
They have tested the process on lab mice. The first injected a protein that causes  a reaction with inflammation in the lungs, similar to asthma. After receiving injections of nanoparticles, which were well tolerated, the mice no longer reacted to the allergens!
But that wasn’t the only thing the team found, they saw the mice developing more immune system cells that react normal. Their immune system became stronger.
They are still testing this technique on other allergies. It seems like the universal treatment!

Maybe I found it interesting because it could help my best friend, but I hope you found it interesting as well!
Kind regards,
Jona Verstraelen, St Gummarus college, Belgium
Space trash / Congratulations
« Last post by PART-3-ES-Maria on 07 October , 2018, 15:26:29 pm »
Hey guys!
Congratulations on being selected! Hope you have a good time, and that you meet lots of new people!
Lovly talking with u!
Maria Perez Losada
Distributed Power Generation / Re: Advantages of DG
« Last post by PART-2-ES-Jose Javier on 04 October , 2018, 22:25:04 pm »
Disadvantages of DG:

Unsafe: Despite what was said in the past paragraph, this is not completely true. When using a DG system, you are depending on your own, and every inconvenience you have must be solved by your own efforts. Not only that, but as DG works with clean energy most of the times, in case there is no sun, wind, etc., you may have no energy. There are two alternatives here: either using batteries (what is rather expensive), or having a supply of an electric company, however, using two ways in order to produce energy may seem strange.

Not normalized: It is a sad reality, but in many countries DG is still rare, and therefore it is difficult to use it. There is a statistic law, Swanson's, which states that when the production of photovoltaic cells gets duplicated, the price decreases a 20%. This law applies in many cases to other kinds of energy, and their main meaning is that, the more the DG is used, the easier and cheaper it becomes. In many countries, as DG systems are still not normal, having one requires not only a big payment, but much bureaucratic procedure and lack of comprehension by many people, who will just think "you're a hippie".
Cybernetic prostheses / Phanton limb pain
« Last post by PART-5-ES-Irene on 04 October , 2018, 17:21:40 pm »
Good afternoon everyone!
When we were in the congress, out expert told us about the phanton limb pain and I found it such an interesting topic that I look up for some more information. It consists on feeling the limb even if it does not work or it has been amputeed. This syndrome was first described in 1552 and it is characterised by painful and nonpainful sensations, this can be divided into the perception of movement and exteroception.
If you want to read more about it you can click on this link. I enjoyed it a lot.
I hope you like it!

Best regards,
Irene Merino (Spain).
Cybernetic prostheses / Re: How Brain Computer Interfaces work
« Last post by PART-5-ES-Irene on 04 October , 2018, 16:51:16 pm »
Hi everyone!
Thank you María, your article has been very interesting. I really admire everything related to BCIs or BMIs and I have watched this video recently so I am going to share it with you.
It is very useful from my point of you so I hope you enjoy it too.

Kind regards,
Irene Merino.
Living forever / Can scientist make us live longer? - Videos
« Last post by PART-1-ES-Mireia on 04 October , 2018, 11:08:15 am »
Good morning from Spain!

I found some videos that can tell us a lot of usefull things about ageing, and becoming older.
It also explains some of the advances or investigations that have been made till now.

I hope it's usefull for you:


If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me

Mireia Franco
Cybernetic prostheses / Re: Which one is the real prosthesis?
« Last post by PART-5-ES-Irene on 03 October , 2018, 21:38:08 pm »
Hi everyone!
I just wanted to encourage you; please, dare to say which leg you think is the prosthesis! It does not matter if you say it wrong! This is a good way to start talking here!
Kind regards,
Irene Merino.
Cybernetic prostheses / Re: The inventors of prostheses
« Last post by PART-5-ES-Irene on 03 October , 2018, 21:19:24 pm »
Hello everyone!
Thank you for your post María, I have found it very interesting and the part which has surprised me the most has been the one about modern methods. It is amazing how science and technology have evolved; from the ancient pyramids until nowadays, when cybernetic prosthesis with the sense of touch are being created! Isn't it outstanding?
Here I leave another webpage too:

Kind regards,
Irene Merino, Spain.
« Last post by PART-5-ES-Irene on 03 October , 2018, 20:59:15 pm »
Hello everyone!
Thank you very much Nicolai for your post. In my opinion it is wonderful and very interesting. It is also the first time I see something like this, and as María has said, please share every absorbing thing you find; don't be afraid! :)
Best regards,
Irene Merino.
Cybernetic prostheses / The inventors of prostheses
« Last post by PART-5-ES-Maria on 01 October , 2018, 23:22:26 pm »
Hi everyone!
I’m sorry I didn’t post anything in such a long time but I’ve been quite busy. I found this article about the evolution of prostheses and how they turned in the amazingly technology we have today. It talks about the first found prostheses, which was used in Egypt many years ago. I hope you find it interesting and that it helps you to understand the main reason why the prostheses were created
María Vaquero, Spain
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