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Electric mobility / How does electric mobility help reduce the environmental impact?
« Last post by VET-MEX-Diana on 07 September , 2019, 02:52:53 am »
Electric mobility seeks to overcome two of the greatest environmental problems of our time: climate change and air pollution in large cities.
As we know, climate change has disastrous consequences that endanger the survival of human beings on earth, since it leads to an increase in the occurrence of violent meteorological phenomena, the destruction of livelihoods and economic resources. Thanks to the fact that the “fuel” of these new vehicles is electricity and that, in countries like ours, an important part of it is of renewable origin, with the use of the electric vehicle we manage to reduce the emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

Approximately, taking into account that a vehicle can perform about 15,000km / year on average, replacing it with an electric vehicle would represent a saving of 1,500 kg / CO2 per year.

In addition, it should be noted that electric vehicles are classified as “ZERO EMISSIONS” at the point of consumption, which helps to substantially improve air quality in large cities, reducing air pollution and helping to prevent them every time more frequent episodes of high pollution and their adverse effects on health.
Electric mobility / What is Electric mobility?
« Last post by VET-MEX-Diana on 07 September , 2019, 02:50:04 am »
This concept arises from the concern of the environmental health of the planet, the sustainability and habitability of our cities, issues that increasingly concern us and that electric mobility can be a solution that contributes positively to all three.
Hello Ruth,

Thank you very much for bringing up this topic. You really made an interesting point in thinking about the social and economical factors around the exploration for extraterrestrial resources. It is common for us to think only about the scientifical and technological advantages that can be obtained from projects like this one, but other factors such as the legislation, ethics and economy behind it —as you pointed out— are always to be considered. This could be a very interesting topic for you to include in your papers. Remember: never take things like this for granted!

All the best :D
Nanotechnology for energy and environmental challenges / Re: Hi
« Last post by VET-ES-Javier on 05 September , 2019, 19:01:51 pm »
Hi Flore,

I think that my fellow Pablo has already solved you almost all your doubts. I just wanted to advice you and the rest of participants about how to write a good essay, which is the purpose of the essay and how to save time when researching.

First of all, I would like to remind that the essay must be divided in three main parts: an introduction, an analysis and a conclusion. Moreover, you should also introduce an index including all the content treated in the essay. Your essay can talk about the general aspects of our research topic (which is Nanotechnology for energy and environmental challenges) or focus in an specific area within the topic. Both possibilities are equally acceptable, but studying the topic in an alternative o creative way would be really positive and interesting firstly for your contribution in the congress and subsequently for the whole research group. And this last point is completely related with the purpose of your essays; they would be your support during the congress' sessions for any contribution you want to give to the final presentation. Therefore you don't only need to complete the essay with useful information that you must be able to explain to your fellows but also include an important graphic content that can be used for doing the presentation, specially fotographs of scientific experiences, charts ... Click here to access to the guidelines you must follow when doing your essay.

On the other hand, you cannot only limit to know perfectly the information that you have been treating in your essay but also be able to talk and discuss about the main points within the investigation topic. Therefore, the blog is a really powerful tool to take advantage of: you can post information about your personal research for the rest of participants to read about it and discuss or complete your information, and also you can have access to another important amount of information that can be really interesting to have a look on it, such as topics about basic concepts of nanotechnology , quantum mechanics or quantum dots.

Hope I have helped you with your essay and research! You don't need to spend hours and hours researching if you know how to use your tools!
All the best,
Javier Herrero, Veteran.
Nanotechnology for energy and environmental challenges / Re: Hi
« Last post by VET-ES-Pablo on 05 September , 2019, 09:47:20 am »
Hello Flore,

My name is Pablo and I'm a veteran, which, as you stated, means I'm a former IYSC participant. First of all, I want to give you a warm welcome to this forum on behalf of all the veterans. I'm going to try to answer to your doubts as best as I can.

First of all, it is understandable that your paper won't be as professional as one of an actual expert, but that is okay, so don't worry. You don't really have experience writing formal papers, but that is one of the good parts of the IYSC: you'll gain some experience! Nevertheless, I recommend that you work on it as hard as you can to make it look as professional as you can by using appropriate vocabulary, punctuation and use of resources. You can find these guidelines in the Generic area at the index of the IYSC forum. Another good recommendation is that you read papers written by professionals while researching.

Referring to the research needed to do your paper, you obviously don't need to spend every single minute of your spare time to researching about your topic and produce a never-ending paper. However, I strongly suggest that you double check the information you find - because (1) it could be wrong or misleading or (2) you could have not understood it correctly - and that you write your paper in a way that everybody can understand it and nothing is taken into account. You don't need to go in depth about every single point on your essay, but make sure it is easy to understand for every person that may read it.

If I wasn't clear enough and you still have doubts, please don't hesitate to contact me or any of the veterans. We will be pleased to help you.

Cheers :D

Nanotechnology for energy and environmental challenges / Hi
« Last post by PART-4-BE-Flore on 04 September , 2019, 19:28:36 pm »
Hi guys!

I want to present myself (: My name is Flore Behaeghel, I'm 15 years old and I'm from Belgium (my school is Sint-Gummaruscollege Lier) and I'm one of this year's participants.

Actually I explored this forum a few days ago, I didn't take a look at it before so that's why I'm a bit late to present myself haha. That means I also started my research and paper a few days ago (I know, I have very little time left to make it so I'm a bit stressed). I think the subject is really interesting!

I also have a question for one of the veterans (I think that's how the participants from last year are called): how "professional" does the paper need to be? Because I've never did something like this before so I don't think mine will be that good and I'm a bit worrying now. Another question: do you really have to spend hours and hours researching? Because I think it's interesting and it's okay to research, but I have a busy life so I don't want to spend all my spare time researching and from what I read in the guideline I had the feeling like that's needed and it makes me worry even more haha.

Like, I'm just a student who's 15 and unexperienced and this seems all so professional and with strict rules etc and it stresses me so much.

Kind regards,
Nanotechnology for energy and environmental challenges / Re: QUANTUM DOTS
« Last post by PART-4-ES-Adrian on 04 September , 2019, 18:02:45 pm »
Hello everyone!

I have founded some info about QDs in solar cells:

The solar photovoltaic market is one of the fastest developing energy markets in the world. In order for solar energy to succeed, a new technology is required that can provide superior efficiencies and lower the costs below standard silicon PV panels. Quantum dot solar cells just might be that technology.

A quantum dot solar cell (QDSC) is a solar cell that uses quantum dots as the captivating photovoltaic material. It is used to replace bulky materials such as silicon, or copper indium gallium selenide. Quantum dots have bandgaps that are adjustable through a wide array of energy levels by changing the size of the dots. If scientists continue investigating about this, QDSC might become the most effective option for solar panels.

You can find some more information in the following website, I hope you find it usefull: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/228523138_Quantum_dot_solar_cell

Hello Laia!

As you have already introduced, nanotechnology is based essentially on taking advantage of this physics where particles behave in a completely different way that in our macroscopical world. Laia has already talked about some of the fundamental principles of quantum physics: energy has only discrete values and Heisenberg's Inderteminacy Principle. However, this topic has plenty of other things to be exposed and explained and I would like to encourage you to continue researching about quantum mechanics. Therefore, I propose you some questions related with the topic that would surely guide you while researching:

  • How particles(corpuscles) and waves behave in quantum mechanics? What are the consecuences of this behaviour?
  • Can you explain why Schrödinger's cat paradox has a really close relationship with quantum mechanics?
  • Can you think or find example of how these discoveries have been used in order to develop nanotechnology? I would specially appreciate related with our specific investigation topic: applications of nanotechnology for energy and enviroment.

Kind regards,
Javier Herrero, Veteran.
Generic topics / Re: Making Life Multiplanetary
« Last post by VET-ES-Pablo on 04 September , 2019, 00:14:41 am »
Hi Manuel!

Thank you very much for showing so much interest for other topics besides yours. This really shows what Investiga is all about. We aren't enemies or rivals, we are all colleagues and thus shall help each other, because, with cooperation, we can achieve any goal we have. You know, two heads are better than one.

Anyway, thank you for this interesting post, I'm sure everybody will like it, specially the participants in Space Science. Remember you can share any piece of information that you find interesting (and, of course, that is related to science and/or technology) here in this blog.

Keep it up! ;D
News / Re: Another Automaker Goes Electric
« Last post by PART-2-ES-Pablo on 03 September , 2019, 17:19:03 pm »
Hello everybody,

Once again, I feel fortunate to bring you another good announcement for the electric mobility. As I said before, day after day, more car manufacturers join the industry of electric vehicles. And I am particularly excited to say that my country, Spain, has just started to contribute to this global phenomenon.

Cupra, the Spanish automaker property of Seat, has just published a statement announcing the manufacture of their first electric automobile, the Cupra Tavascan. The Tavascan will be a sporty SUV with an expected range of 450 kilometers per charge according to WLTP cycle. It will be powered by two electric motors that will deliver 306 horse power to impulse the vehicle. All this power will make the Tavascan accelerate from 0 km/h to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds.

The entire design of the car looks very futuristic due to the importance the designers have given to the aerodynamic coefficient of the vehicle. In order to provide a nice and constant cooling system for the batteries, the Tavascan has a huge ventilation grill at the front, as well as two air intakes on each side of the SUV.

Other interesting features of this automobile include a dual screen set up for the inside, one of them will be a 13-inch display that will control the entertainment system of the vehicle, and the other one will be 12.3-inch screen which will display the instrument panel.

Nevertheless, the Tavascan is expected to arrive to the market in 2021, and its direct electric SUV competition will be the Jaguar I-Pace, the Mercedes-Benz EQC, the Audi e-tron, the Tesla Model X and the long-awaited Tesla Model Y.

I leave a link to this news, so you can see some images of the car, I assure you it will not disappoint you.


I hope to be able to share with you more announcements of upcoming electric vehicles anytime soon.

Enjoy your day,
Pablo García
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