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Advantages of DG

Advantages of DG
« on: 19 August , 2018, 03:07:02 am »
Advantages of DG:

-Smaller loss of energy: Due to the fact that there is less distance between the place where energy is generated, and where it is consumed, the amount of energy which gets wasted reduces itself enormously. In some countries, almost 40% the energy is misspent during the journey; in photovoltaic installations in the houses' roofs, it almost 0%. That results in two main advantages:
     -Cheaper (user advantage): The loss of energy means, in other words, that in order to sell 100 kW of energy, an electric company must produce 140. Obviously, if the company sold their production at 100 kW's price, they wouldn't have any profit, but loss of money. Apart from paying 40% more of what they really use, consumer is financing through their bill the company's electric net, the salary of its employees, and many other concepts. By using DG, the consumer does only pay for the installation and functioning.
     -Unpollutness (environment advantage): Even though consumers does not use the total quantity of energy, it is still generated, and therefore, it produces waste. Reducing the amount of energy produced results in less pollution. Besides, DG, due to its innovating spirit, has much to do with clean energies, and there are many installations that work this way.

Earning money: In many countries, the energy a producer will not use can be freed into the net, and they may charge for it. There are two special ways this could be do trough: either earning money directly by freeing the energy (like the "Type 2" consumers, in Spain), or getting discounted some money in the electric bill, in case someone still has a supply contracted (net metering, Portugal)

Safer: That point is controversial. In a big CD system, dead circuits are common, specially when many people are using electricity at the same time. When the circuit is smaller, you depend just on itself, and it gets rather difficult to suffer from those. Not only that, but when there is a dead circuit in a CD system, it is compulsory to wait for the company to solve it, while in a DG, it can be solved by a common electrician in most cases.

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Hope it has been useful,
José Javier

Re: Advantages of DG
« Reply #1 on: 04 October , 2018, 22:25:04 pm »
Disadvantages of DG:

Unsafe: Despite what was said in the past paragraph, this is not completely true. When using a DG system, you are depending on your own, and every inconvenience you have must be solved by your own efforts. Not only that, but as DG works with clean energy most of the times, in case there is no sun, wind, etc., you may have no energy. There are two alternatives here: either using batteries (what is rather expensive), or having a supply of an electric company, however, using two ways in order to produce energy may seem strange.

Not normalized: It is a sad reality, but in many countries DG is still rare, and therefore it is difficult to use it. There is a statistic law, Swanson's, which states that when the production of photovoltaic cells gets duplicated, the price decreases a 20%. This law applies in many cases to other kinds of energy, and their main meaning is that, the more the DG is used, the easier and cheaper it becomes. In many countries, as DG systems are still not normal, having one requires not only a big payment, but much bureaucratic procedure and lack of comprehension by many people, who will just think "you're a hippie".