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Hi guys!

Hi guys!
« on: 10 June , 2019, 14:55:12 pm »
Hello everyone,

I want to introduce myself so that you don't start wondering who the heck I actually am and how I got on this blog.
My name is Matthias Kralupper, I am from Austria and I have participated at the IYSC last November in Copenhagen. I will now try to help you with your preparation for your congress in Bremen (and hopefully, do a good job at doing this).

I know you all are trying to find some good sources for your position papers, I have been in this situation as well. But before desperately reading through hundreds of websites you have never heard of in the hope of finding something you can use, start by scrolling through some articles on the website of Blockchain Technologies (https://www.blockchaintechnologies.com/blockchain-technology/), they have some great stuff.

I really encourage you to use the blog, not only to get new ideas and exchange new websites, but also to start a discussion with your fellow students! Please bear in mind your preperation will be a lot easier when you are working together, so really use the blog frequently and engage in the discussion!

If any questions concerning...yeah, concerning anything should come up, please do not hesitate to contact me!

All the best,