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Advantages and disadvntages

Advantages and disadvntages
« on: 01 July , 2019, 00:48:47 am »
Hi guys,
how are you? i hope you are fine. I found for you some information about the advantages and tha disadvanatages of the black as you can  also read in the title.
In the following lines I leave you some links
Advantages and Disadvantages of Blockchain.
The Top Advantages Of Blockchain For Businesses
Blockchain Advantages and Disadvantages | Binance Academy
Blockchain Applications Overview: Advantages and Disadvantages
Benefits of Using a Blockchain
Rapport 04-2019.pdf
(PDF) The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Blockchain Technology
Have a good work
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Re: Advantages and disadvntages
« Reply #1 on: 06 August , 2019, 18:21:52 pm »
    Hi everyone,

    Have you already read Giovanni's links? I hope you have got interesting information from them, but you should not forget to carry out your own research too. The congress would have no sense if everyone had visited exactly the same pages and had nothing to contribute which was not previously repeated by the other ones.

    That being said, as you have probably noticed after so much time, Blockchain, as any other "new" invention, has a lot to say about our future, but it is still believed by many to just be some kind of "hacker stuff" or "irrelevant technology". Therefore, how if we actually tried to make a clear balance between all its benefits and inconvenients?

    I would provide you with some brief characteristics:

    • Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology: Blockchain protocols are not stored in a central computer, but rather distributed in every user's one
    • Trustless system: In Blockchain, there is no enterprise which charge commissions per operation, decides which user is able to participate or spies your information. Neither can they help someone in case of robbery or password losses. 
    • Demanding: Bitcoin mining requires does not only require a lot of computational power, but also tones of storage to keep all the information.

    To what extent do you agree with all characteristics? Which ones might be seen as advantages and which as disadvantages? Which ones would you add?

    Best regards,
    José Javier