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Increasing the efficiency of renewable energy technology

Increasing the efficiency of renewable energy technology
« on: 08 August , 2019, 16:50:53 pm »
Hello everyone!
As I see you are not participating as much as you could, I will leave some information I found regarding the topic to encourage you to participate a bit more!
As you might already now and the expert explained in the work guide, at the nanoscale, the properties of materials change. Therefore, some unique properties of various nanomaterials are being used to increase the efficiency renewable energy technology. Some examples include the following:

- More efficient solar power generators.

Using solar energy is one of the main alternatives we have to non renewable energies. However, one of it biggest drawbacks is the efficiency of solar panels. Most solar power generators in use today are solar cells, which use long, thin crystals of silicon to convert sunlight into an electric potential. These can absorb a maximum of about 48 percent of incoming solar radiation, about half of which can be converted into electricity. Recent studies have demonstrated that nanotechnology could be the key to solve this issue. For example, a 2008 study from Stanford University showed that solar cells composed of silicon “nanowires” and “nanocones” can absorb approximately 90 percent of incoming solar radiation (at certain angles of incidence). Another research from NASA showed that carbon nanotubes, when used as a coating on silicon, can absorb an astonishing 99 percent of the ultraviolet, visible, infrared and far-infrared light that strikes it.

- Geothermal power

One way of extracting geothermal heat is by injecting cold fluid into naturally heated rocks in the subsurface, before extracting the fluid and using it to generate electricity.
Nanofluids could potentially boost the heat-retaining properties of the fluids used in geothermal extraction. Consequently, geothermal plants might eventually be able to extract more heat energy from the subsurface, thus increasing their efficiency and profitability.

What do you think? Is nanotechnology the solution to one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing nowadays? Will we be able to change to renewable energies by using nanotechnology?

Please, answer this post back with similar studies and personal thoughts. Moreover, don´t be afraid to participate and remember how important this forum is.

Best regards,
María Vaquero, Spain