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« on: 30 August , 2019, 18:30:55 pm »
Hello everyone,

I think it is important to know in what are big companied investing in. For this reason I have created this topic, to give you information about it.

To keep to the objectives of reducing greenhouse gases, car manufacturers are investing large amounts of money in electric mobility. In total, car companies have announced investments of more than 73,000 million euros.

Ford has announced that will invest 9.3 billion euros in 40 electrified vehicles (hybrid and electric) until 2022. Mercedes Benz and Smart will also allocate 9.5 billion euros to 10 hybrid and 40 electric vehicles until 2025. However, the company which is going to do the biggest investment is Volkswagen. This company will invest 40,000 million dollars (35,268,600,000 euros) until 2030 to electrify all its models.

However, not all car manufacturers are investing in electric vehicles. An example is Fiat Chrysler, which prefers to keep to emissions requirements rather than "work under pressure in the field of electric mobility" as stated by the executive president.

On the other hand, if the demand for petrol drops, the petrol industry will also do so and that is why petrol companies are also investing in electric mobility. This is the case of shell, repsol and BP.

I hope this information is useful to you.

Best regards,
Eider Del Hoyo (Spain)

Re: Investments
« Reply #1 on: 31 August , 2019, 13:37:38 pm »
Hi Eider,

You have created quite an interesting thread to discuss about the investments made in electric mobility by the most implicated parts. In your previous post you have explained us the quantity of money expected to be invested by the automakers and the private sector. Nevertheless, I wanted to compliment that information from the standpoint of the public institutions, specifically, the European Union.

The fight against climate change has always been a number one priority for the EU. As a matter of fact, many initiatives to decrease pollution have been carried out thanks to funding from the Union.

Regarding strictly electric mobility, the EU has performed many projects to spread the use of electric vehicles. The biggest one is Green eMotion. With a total budget of 41.8 million €, the European Commission provides 24.2 million €. According to the Commission, the main purpose of this draft is to improve the scientific knowledge about electric vehicles in specific European regions and expedite the irruption of the electric vehicles in the general market.

I also wanted to highlight the total finance that European Union invests in environmental policies as well as transitioning towards a 0-emission energy production system. For the 2014-2020 period, 20% of the total budget of the Union is spent on this area, which is approximately 180,000 million €.

I hope you are having a great weekend.

Pablo García