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Blockchain in your country

Blockchain in your country
« on: 02 September , 2019, 11:38:13 am »
Hi everyone,

I really think this forum is a great opportunity to share all our ideas, to understand different opinions, to discuss and above all, to learn. So, we should try to use this tool the best way we can. In the forum there are people from all around the world, but we all have something that connects us: science, technology and an immense curiosity. We have the chance to know different cultures and understand how do they manage technologies such as Blockchain.

So, as you might have guessed, I'm starting this new topic with a specific objective, to try to encourage at least one person from each country to explain the uses of this revolutionary technology and the main projects related with Blockchain in their location.

As you probably know Bitcoin is a global network, so you might wonder where is the difference between countries. Well, the truth is that its situation is not always the same, in fact, some countries have already prohibited the use of this cryptocurrency. So, there are many topics you can talk about:

  • Has your government prohibited the use of bitcoin?
  • Is there any Blockchain project in your country?
  • Will blockchain be the future of your country's economy?
  • Is your country one of the development centers of this technology?
  • How are nodes distributed in your country?
  • Are there many bitcoin ATMs in your country?

I will start this topic talking about my country, Spain.
During the last few years, Blockchain’s development has also been experienced by our country, a great number of national projects and companies have appeared, determined to work with blockchains. In fact, Spain has some of the most interesting worldwide initiatives, this could indicate that Blockchain will be an important point in the country’s economy. Now, I will analyze some of the most popular projects in Spain:

Alastria: It is a consortium of Spanish companies and institutions which involves different sectors (Banking, energy, telecommunications ...) These companies have constituted a regulated network based on Blockchain; they aim to develop the use of this technology in Spain. As they describe in their web-page:
We could describe Alastria as a Blockchain network, independent, permissioned and neutral, designed according to the existent data regulation and which allows associates to experiment with this technology in a cooperative environment.”

Cecabank-Grant Thornton: It is one of the first Blockchain banking consortiums in Spain and it already groups a 33% of the country's banking sector.
Cecabank and Grant Thornton have created the first Blockchain Banking Consortium in Spain. The project intends to develop the potential of Blockchain technology in the financial sector.”

This are some of the best-known initiatives, however, there are many Spanish startups which are trying to apply this technology into their companies. In fact, every year there are several events and conferences which try to discover new projects and uses of Blockchain:
  • Enerblock: Energía y Blockchain
  • BlockShow Europe
  • Blockchain Solutions
What about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s evolution in Spain has been very important in recent years. Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies have constituted an important part of the Spanish economy. We can observe that, by looking at the increase of the installed bitcoin ATMs. Around 80 ATMs (according to Coin ATM Radar data) that allow you to exchange Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Bitcoin Cash...

In fact, at the end of 2018, Spain had around a 2% of the bitcoin ATMs installed in the whole world. And this percentage keeps going up. You can find this by looking at: https://coinatmradar.com/
Another interesting fact about bitcoin in Spain is the number of active nodes around the country, there are now around 80 active nodes which are copying the Bitcoin Blockchain in their devices. Find this here: https://bitnodes.earn.com/

Now is your turn to find information about your country, investigate any of the questions I have introduced, or find new ones, there is no limit when investigating! With this topic I encourage every country to talk about their situation so that we can learn new things and keep expanding our knowledge.

Best regards ;),
Manuel Cortés (Spain)