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Is it worth investing in an electric vehicle?

Is it worth investing in an electric vehicle?
« on: 07 September , 2019, 02:54:57 am »
The electric car is a safe bet, its use represents a very significant saving compared to conventional vehicles. With the electric vehicle we not only save up to 75% in fuel costs, we also save on vehicle maintenance, because electric motors have 90% less parts than combustion engines and no oils or filters or oils are necessary.

In addition, you can listen to your favorite song without the soundtrack of your background vehicle, since, being silent, they do not generate any kind of sound pollution.

During these last years, the government has played a very important role in the promotion and development of the electric vehicle, thanks to the approval of tax incentives and subsidies for the purchase of these types of vehicles, as well as measures against air pollution, which they suppose certain restrictions for the most polluting cars. In addition, from 2040 the sale of gasoline, diesel, natural gas and even hybrid cars will be prohibited, as it seeks to ensure that all vehicles are electric in 2050.