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Asteroid mining

Asteroid mining
« on: 10 September , 2019, 13:16:33 pm »
Hello everybody!

Let me introduce you a new topic, about asteroids.

When we think about extraterrestrial resources, we tend to imagine a colony of human beings living on Mars or the Moon. Not just that, we also picture the missions being aimed at scientific research, engineering or other types of doing science. But is this the only thing that conveys the idea of 'searching for space resources'?

It turns out that it isn't. The Moon, Mars or other planets aren't the only source of space resources. Asteroids, those astronomical objects that seem nothing more than huge wandering rocks, are actually gold mines. They are considerably rich in valuable resources and precious materials that could drastically change the world's economy. As a matter of fact, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson believes that the first ever trillionaire will have become a trillionaire thanks to asteroid mining. Interesting, isn't it?

Therefore, I would like to start a topic on this. To do so, I'm leaving some points you could discuss about:

  • What resources can be obtained from asteroids?
  • What type of asteroids are worth mining?
  • How will the missions be carried out?
  • How could these resources alter our economy?
  • What impact could this have in our daily lives?

I'm looking forward to reading your answers!
Best regards ;)


Re: Asteroid mining
« Reply #1 on: 11 September , 2019, 22:20:07 pm »

This new topic seems incredibly interesting because of the countless asteroids (some of them quite near to the planet Earth) which contain a wealth of minerals, ores and volatile elements (water, methane, nitrogen...), indispensable for both the Earth´s economy and space trips.

Planetary Resources is working on the development of the world's first commercial deep space exploration program in order to identify and unlock water resources in asteroids. Nowadays, water (for life support functions and rocket propellant) is the main objetive of this first asteroid exploration mission as it is the first thing needed to create a civilization in space.

Here is the link containing the full explanation of the data-collecting mission thanks to which Planetary Resources will design and build the first commercial mine in space:

Kind regards,
Ruth Mora