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Hunstable Electric Turbine

Hunstable Electric Turbine
« on: 14 August , 2019, 12:50:13 pm »
Hello everybody,

I've found an interesting piece of news: "A Texas Startup Claims To Have Made The Biggest Advancements In Electric Motor Designs In Over A Century"

Linear Labs, an electric motor company in Texas, has developed a new motor: the "HET" or "Hunstable Electric Turbine".

You will wonder what the advantages of this engine are and why it is different from the rest. According to what the manufacturer claims, the HET uses 30% less copper, it has three times more power density, twice to five times more torque density and offers 10% more range than other magnet motors. This motor could be perfect for future EVs.

If you are curious about this motor, visit this website to know more about it: https://jalopnik.com/a-texas-startup-claims-to-have-made-the-biggest-advance-1837173127

I recommend you to take a look at it because it contains good explanations on how this motor works, videos, images, diagrams, etc...

I also leave you a link to Linear Labs' webpage: https://www.linearlabsinc.com/

I hope you found this piece of news interesting.

Best regards,
Eider Del Hoyo (Spain)