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Full Chinese Character Strokes List

A lot of Chinese learners may think that Chinese characters just look like a bunch of lines and squares that makes no sense to them. For most beginners, writing Chinese characters is more like drawing rather than writing. But, if you learn a little more about the structure of Chinese characters, you will understand the basic logic and rules about how these “lines” and “squares” are different from each other. Once you can separate and analyze the strokes of Chinese characters, those incredibly complex characters won’t freak you out anymore. The following is a list of all the essential Chinese strokes and their corresponding variations. There is also a downloadable Chinese strokes list PDF.

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#1 Main Stroke: “一”(横) Horizontal

Stroke VariationsNames of StrokesExamples
1横 (héng)Horizontal一,二,三,王,工
2提 (tí)Rising Stroke习,地,冷,冰,刁

#2 Main Stroke: “丨”(竖) Vertical

Stroke VariationName of StrokeExamples
1长竖(cháng shù)Long vertical书,快,师,十,市
2短竖 (duǎn shù)Short vertical刊,修,候,刚,利
3竖钩 (shù gōu)Vertical hook小,水,求,寸,找

#3 Main Stroke: “丿”(撇)Left falling

Stroke VariationName of StrokeExamples
1撇(piě)Left falling月,木,大,人,个
2横撇 (héng piě)Shorter and more horizontalleft falling千,舌,毛,白,禾

#4 Main Stroke: “丶”(点)Dot

Stroke VariationName of StrokeExamples
1短点(duǎn diǎn)Short dot主,广,心,注,文
2长点(cháng diǎn)Long dot双,不,贝,头
3左点 (zuǒ diǎn)Left dot办,刃,心,必,小
4平捺 (píng nà)horizontal right falling之,延,这,走
5斜捺 (xié nà)slanted right falling又,义,个,人,大

#5 Main Stroke: “乛”(折)Turning

Stroke VariationName of StrokeExamples
1横折(héng zhé)Horizontal turning口,问
2横折提(héng zhé tí)Horizontal turning and rising说,话,讨,论,讲
3横撇(héng piě)Horizontal andleft-falling又,反
4横折钩(héng zhé gōu)Horizontal turning and hook刀,门,也
5横钩(héng gōu)Horizontal hook买,皮,卖
6横折斜钩(héng zhé xié gōu)Horizontal and slanted hook飞,风,凤,凰
7横折弯钩(héng zhé wān gōu)Horizontal turning and curved hook几,九,匹
8横折弯(héng zhé wān)Horizontal turning andcurved turning 朵,铅
9横折折(héng zhé zhé)Horizontal turningand turning 
10横折折撇(héng zhé zhé piě)Horizontal turning andturning left-falling 廷,建
11横折折折(héng zhé zhé zhé)
12横折撇弯钩(héng zhé piě wān gōu)阵,队,除
13横折折折钩(héng zhé zhé zhé gōu)乃,奶
14竖折(shù zhé)Vertical turning山,匹
15竖弯(shù wān)Vertical curved turning
16竖提(shù tí)Vertical and rising民,切
17竖折折(shù zhé zhé)Vertical turning and vertical
18竖折折撇(shù zhé zhé piě)Vertical turning and left-falling专,传
19竖弯钩(shù wān gōu)Vertical curved hook儿,乱
20竖折折钩(shù zhé zhé gōu)Vertical turning and turning hook与,马
21撇折(piě zhé)Left falling and turning么,公
22撇点(piě diǎn)Left-falling and dot女,巡
23弯钩(wān gōu)Curved hook家,了,子
24斜钩(xié gōu)Slanted hook戈,我,伐

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  1. Thank you for this helpful post.
    Could you please confirm if in stroke 7 has the character “匹 ” got a 横折弯钩 (héng zhé wān gōu) Horizontal turning and curved hook like this other samples 几,九?
    Thank you.

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